How often have you sat down to finish some work on the computer, type a letter or pay some bills online, only to get distracted by interesting websites, Facebook or news pages? It’s not just me is it? I thought I would share some of the websites I have been time wasting on recently. is brilliant. It has a showcase of TV through the ages. From weather forecasters through to those Public Information adverts with the cat called Charlie. Nostalgic clips from soaps like Angels, Crossroads and Triangle through to classic adverts from the 70s. It’s really worth a visit if you want to lose a couple hours!  This website is certainly one the children will enjoy. You can click around and change the facial expressions of a model, a bit like human Mr Potato Head!  Silly but fun. this is a free games website. You do not need to register to play but you can avoid delays and annoying adverts by signing up for free. There are other benefits to signing up including the chance to win prizes.

For something a little more educational visit and you will find a website full of everything to do with learning from local night classes to online cookery!

Happy time wasting