There is a wealth of legitimate internet TV and film content out there without having to go near any suspect sites. There are plenty of programmes to watch without breaking the law.

Most internet users are familiar with the BBC iPlayer (, which is arguably the best online TV and radio service in the world! But did you know the BBC now has an archive site ( This wonderful page is full of videos from throughout the ages of BBC Television. You can reminisce with old episodes of Blue Peter, listen to the original Kings Speech or watch old episodes of Tomorrows World!

The other main terrestrial television stations have their own internet delivery services, each vary in terms of the numbers of programmes available and over what time span. These include and

If you are feeling particularly nostalgic you could visit to view newsreels from the early 1900s. This site is actually a shop for purchasing old clips but they do have a selection of free clips and downloads. Alternatively visit to see old public information films like “Charley Says” and the “Green Cross Code”.

Happy Watching