I’ve long been an advocate for free antivirus especially for customers who don’t use their computer much. But lately I have come to the conclusion you get what you pay for. I’ve seen examples recently where the free software hasn’t been resilient enough. This is particularly prevalent in high risk users. (High risk – households with children, teenagers, folk who like to play online games, heavy social media users as well as those who download movies/music using Torrents).

It is important to remember that Free Antivirus is just that, antivirus. Paid for Internet Security executes more roles. There is the Firewall, which in simple terms protects you from intrusions, Malware protection, which block pop up advert programs for example, as well as traditional antivirus. There are also other extras like protecting your online identity (reducing chances of fraud). In fact most of the poorly computers I see nowadays are infected not with viruses but with Adware and unwanted programs (PUPS) which slow the computer down until it becomes unusable.

With many of you still running Windows XP, paid for Internet Security is very important. This is because Microsoft aren’t keeping this version of Windows up to date anymore (through Windows Update) so you are more vulnerable to cyberattack.

Which paid for Internet Security should you buy? There isn’t an awful lot between the top players in terms of level of protection. However some Security Software can slow your computer down especially if it is an old computer. I am personally leaning towards Bitdefender at the moment as it is performing well in tests and isn’t too demanding of computer resources. I also like the fact they don’t hike their prices up on renewal like some of the other big players.

Happy ‘Putering