backup joke

The New Year is a good time for instituting new routines. Backing up your PC should be one.

Making backups of your files is a chore, or it can be if you don’t have a proper backup strategy in place. We’re all guilty of failing to make regular backups, and for good reason: it isn’t simple. Photos, music, videos, documents, emails and more are scattered across our computers.  Then there are the photos on your phone, that memory stick in the draw and a photo CD from 2008! You get the gist.

Unfortunately it isn’t until you experience a catastrophic computer failure that you will wish you had a decent back up plan in place. A recent customer lost all their family photos due to a hard drive failure, including irreplaceable baby photos. It is heart-breaking when you know it could have been avoided, but after the event it’s just too late!

There are two main options when it comes to backing up:

  1. Backup to an external hard drive. This is the simplest way to back up selected files. You attach a USB hard drive or flash drive and use Windows Explorer to copy files from your computer to the removable drive. It’s completely manual, but you can download backup software to make the process automatic. This option relies on you remembering and getting into the backup habit.
  2. Backup to the cloud. There are two great benefits of this option. It is automated so you don’t have to remember to do the backup and the other is that it creates a copy of your files in a physically separate location. (Your files are securely stored on a computer in a data centre via the Internet.) They’re safe from flood, fire and theft. Cloud storage has lots of other advantages too: you can access the files from practically any computer with an internet connection and you can keep files in sync across multiple devices.

Here at ‘PuterTutor, I offer an offsite (cloud storage solution) for all of our clients and I can even monitor it to make sure the backups have been performed. Prices start from £5 per month and vary depending on how much data you have. Get in touch here for more information.

I can also offer external hard drives, for you to do your own backups at home.