Social distancing and CoVID-19 has seen a huge uptake in online conferencing platforms like House Party and Zoom. Zoom is free to use for 2 people with out a time limit. There is a  time limit on larger groups of 40 minutes. Zoom creates virtual meeting rooms where you can see and hear other people who are also in the room, using your webcam or phone/tablet camera. Many of these have faced scrutiny over their security record. Zoom in particular has suffered from people disrupting meets, posting hate, or using terrorising behaviour. I thought it would be worth me mentioning a few ways in which you can use Zoom and avoid many of these “invasions” with a few simple tips.

Don’t let these precautions deter you. Zoom has been a fantastic tool to bring communities together, to allow personal trainers like JJ, therapists, like Caroline Brundrit and even the government to continue communicating face to face. I have been using Zoom myself to conduct online computer lessons.