Can you believe that 2012 sees The ‘PuterTutor enter the 6th year of writing Gazette articles?  That is well over fifty editorials! Computers and the internet have continually evolved over this time so there is always something new and exciting to tell you about.

With January being the month of resolutions and new starts it seems almost traditional to offer some PC resolutions.

  1. Software Updates – make sure your computer is up to date. Visit or use control panel on your PC to double check your windows update status. If your version of windows is not up to date then you are at a higher risk of catching viruses and other web-beasties as the frequent updates plug the holes in the programs. Software like MSN and Office also need to be kept up to date.
  2. Improve your typing speed. There are a number of website out there which will help you learn to touch type. I used . Taking a typing speed test can be fun. (Google “typing speed test”) I managed 49 words per minute – can you beat my speed? Let me know through .
  3. Back up your files – make a copy of your most precious photos and files onto a blank disc or a USB stick. Or better still back up using the internet with a website like or


Happy New Year and here’s to the next 12 months of articles. For those of you who follow my articles closely. I kept my 2011 resolution! You are reading it now!