One of my most frequently asked questions is – “Which internet browser is the best to use?”

So this month I thought I would round up the three most popular browsers so you can make an informed decision. The three main players are: Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Browsers are
our window to the web, allowing us to view webpages, watch video, listen to music and a host of other things.


All three have different strengths and weaknesses. IE9 was outperformed by the other two in security tests online. However all three offer extra privacy security. Depending on which browser you use this is called Incognito, Private browsing or In Private. When this option is switched on then your activities on the internet are not so easy to track.

What are Add-ons and Apps?

Add-ons are little programs made by independent software developers which tag onto your browser and add extra functionality. Firefox is the clear winner here. You can get add-ons for all sorts of things. Some make it easier to sure webpages on social networking sites, others hide adverts. Firefox even allows you to simply synchronise your computers’ bookmarks, so your work PC and home PC can have the same list.

Google Chrome now has apps which you can download to your browser. The Angry Birds game now resides on my PC as well as my smartphone!


This is for many the most important factor in which browser to choose. No one likes waiting for websites to load up. Tests performed my Computer Active magazine found over a number of tests IE9 was the fastest. However, if you use Windows XP then IE9 isn’t compatible and you would find Firefox or Chrome faster.

Whichever browser you choose it is very important to keep it up to date and always download the latest version so you are protected against threats and bugs. Which browser do I use? Mostly Google Chrome, and IE9 for online banking.

Happy Computing