This week alone I have had 4 computers in with faulty hard
drives which have needed replacing. For the majority of customers I have
managed to retrieve most or all of their personal data.  I thought I would give you a bit more
information about hard drives. Hard drives are often mistakenly called memory.
They are in fact storage where all the files on your computer are kept from
photos to critical windows files which make your computer work. They come in
various sizes in GB – gigabytes and TB – Terabytes  If you look in your My Computer (or Computer)
folder it is usually labelled as C:Drive

[LOCAL DISK] although many computers
may also have a D:Drive [DATA]

Your hard disk actually consists of moving parts and is
often the first bit of the kit to go wrong inside a computer.  Disks carry a warranty of a couple years so if
your PC is older than 3 you should be aware it could fail at any time.

Inside the chassis box there are a number of disk platters
that look like CDs, there is a head much like an old record stylus. Over time
these can get stuck. Even a hard knock to a computer can jog the heads and
damage the platter.

Remember to back up to a memory stick your personal files, email addresses and important photos just in case.

Hard drive