If you have a wireless router for your broadband it is
important to check that it is secure. This means that your WiFi is protected by
a password or encryption key. This “encryption” scrambles the data so without
typing the pass key into your computer, laptop, games console or smart mobile
phone you will not be able to access your internet connection wirelessly.

If your wireless internet is unsecured anyone can piggy back
your WiFi and surf the internet for free. As the bill payer you are responsible
for the content viewed, downloaded and uploaded from your internet connection.
So if a paedophile joins from a car round the corner of your house, the onus is
on you to prove your innocence.

Recent YouGov research found that 40% of people surveyed do
not know how to change their network’s security settings. Many modern routers
make the set up process fairly easy to follow and a quick search on Google will
reveal instructions for your model of wifi – router. There are also a few helpful
hints on the www.ico.gov.uk. The
Government are now calling for ISPs to do more to make the risks and guidance
supplied with WiFi routers is fully explained in plain English.

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