Typo-squatting, what is that?

Last week I accidentally typed amazonc.om instead of amazon.com into my browser, putting the “.” in the wrong place created a different website address ending in .om.  I was expecting an error message, which would have told me the domain (website address) didn’t exist. Instead, due to the registration of “amazonc.om” by a malicious person, I was taken to a different website. The following page was displayed with an alerting beeping sound and a warning notice. I couldn’t click away from the page unless I clicked on OK. Luckily, I recognized the danger, and avoided harm but an untrained user confronted with the same scary sound and error message, the outcome could have been quite different!

Had I clicked on OK, I could have been consenting to installing unwanted programs, malware and junk programs. It could have displayed a fake storefront and stolen my credit card details, or harvested my login credentials and paved the way for hackers.

Here is a list of known typo-squatting sites to avoid (note these change almost daily) http://tinyurl.com/z9bvhcb


The advice is simple.

  1. Type your website URLs (addresses) carefully.
  2. Make sure you have good quality paid for antivirus software, which is up-to-date.
  3. Keep your browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) up to date as well as plugins like Java and Shockwave.
  4. Consider using additional browser protection software.

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Happy ‘Putering