If you have ever downloaded software onto your computer from a free site then the chances are you have unwittingly cluttered your PC with PUPs. PUPs are Potentially Unwanted Programs sometimes called Junk ware. You may have PUPs installed on your machine if you experience any of the follow:

  • Your computer is running slow
  • Adverts keep popping up
  • Extra toolbars appear in your browser
  • Programs pop up when you start your computer telling you have problems and you need to pay to have the removed.
  • PUPs can also do things behind the scenes like harvest your personal data.


To reduce your chances of getting PUPs it is important to read the installation wizard instructions carefully. Always opt for the “Advanced” install button rather than the standard, or default settings. Look for check boxes; sometimes leaving a box unticked will mean it will install!

Installing Unchecky will do this ticking and un-ticking for you.

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox you can use an Ad-blocker like “µblock” or “Adblock Plus” which will block the majority of adverts and prevent you inadvertently clicking on the wrong download button. However read the terms carefully as some of these blockers will collect browsing data – insights into your surfing habits not your actual credit card numbers.

Install a good quality paid for Antivirus solution like Bitdefender, which consistently high ranking in independent tests. I am a Bitdefender Partner so I can offer a preferential price and service if you purchase Bitdefender through me.

If your computer is running slow or you are annoyed by pop ups why not book your PC in for a fixed price spring clean. Give me a ring on 01675470105. Or fill in the contact form by clicking here. I can offer a collection and delivery service.


Happy ‘Putering


Caroline The ‘PuterTutor