A few of you may be aware that I am a qualified Meteorologist as well as your Local PC Expert. With recent weather delivering us rain in biblical proportions I thought I would share with you a few good sources of weather and climate information from the Internet.

One of the most popular weather sites on the Internet is www.bbc.co.uk/weather . Here you can input (type in) your postcode and get a very local forecast. You can then save your favourite locations so your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Chrome) remembers them for next time.

For those of you after more detailed information www.metoffice.gov.uk provides up to date pressure charts and observations as well as climate and global warming information. There is also a large section dedicated to learning for children and adults who want to know more about the weather and forecasting.

www.weather.com is the website belonging to the US TV Weather Channel. Even though they have a dedicated website for the UK it is the US website which hosts fantastic weather related pictures and features, from photos of the Northern Lights to the latest satellite images of hurricanes. It is well worth a look.

Finally if you are planning a journey in the wintery weather and want to check the roads before you start out then go to www.highways.gov.uk/traffic-information/ for up to the minute traffic news.

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