It has been two years since I first warned Gazette readers about the rise of telephone scams. In the last month I have had a number of calls from concerned clients about phone calls from engineers alleging to be from “Windows” informing them that their PC is seriously infected. The scammers use persuasive techniques to encourage you to allow their “technician” to connect to your computer remotely, or in some instances download and install their “special” program to resolve the imaginary problem and demand a fee of anything up to £200. The best advice I can give you is to hang up. No reputable firm will cold call and Microsoft do not call home users.

If you fall victim to this scam and you are still concerned then arrange for someone reputable to come to your home and check your computer over. Preferably someone recommended by a friend or family member with professional qualifications.

Most computer users are aware of the importance of having up to date antivirus software on their computer, but you also need malware protection too. There are a plethora of paid for and free versions of security software. It can be overwhelming when the time comes to choose.  With Norton and McAfee charging upwards of £60 per year it is worth exploring the free alternatives as even these big players don’t stop every infection.

For half this annual renewal charge The ‘PuterTutor can come to your home, present you with the internet security options and get you protected with the program of your choice. This will save you hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of your PC. You can call me on 01675 470105.


By Caroline The ‘PuterTutor