This month I have received a request to provide a guide to texting language, so I have prepared a short dictionary of the most popular phrases that you can cut out and keep handy to help you interpret texts and emails. My list will get you started but google “Text Acronyms” to find more comprehensive lists.

Emoticons or smileys are a textual portrayal of the writer’s mood or facial expression. Some mobiles phones and computers automatically turn these into pictures. They are particularly useful to use if you are concerned that your message could be interpreted the wrong way.

: ) : – ) smile
; ) ; – ) wink, being cheeky
: D 8D very happy/ laughing
; P : b sticking tongue out (cheeky) blowing raspberry
: ( 
sad face

Text shorthand usually takes the form of abbreviations and acronyms (letter homophones). It is really a form of slang, and sadly some of this shorthand makes its way into school work and exam answers. It originates from the early days of SMS text messaging when the number of characters in a message was limited.

KK or kk – OK
BTW – By The Way
OMG – Oh My God.
GTG – Good to Go. I’m ready
PROPS – Proper Respects Due, acknowledging someone’s achievement.
LOL – Laugh out Loud or ROFL – Roll On Floor Laughing
DW – Dear Wife, DH – Dear Husband, DS- Dear Son, DD – Dear Daughter and so on.
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion or IMO – In My Opinion
THX –Thank you
WDYMBT – What Did You Mean By That, asking for clarification.
L8R – Later
TTYL – Talk To You Later
PLZ – Please
ur – your

CU – See You