In recent months I have decided to give social media (Facebook and Twitter) a wide berth, it was fun while it lasted, but its irrelevancies consumed too much of my time. However there are a number of other websites which offer interesting content without the need for comment or sharing your identity.

If you enjoy crafts, gardening, health, cookery or just good humour then you might be interested in looking at Pinterest brings together lots of different web pages, blog entries and other interesting websites on a huge variety of topics. You can search by keyword (e.g. Knitting or football) or you browse by category (e.g. DIY/Crafts). Any pages that take your fancy can be “pinned” or bookmarked for reference at a later date. This personal list can be made public or kept private. Pinterest has an app too which can be downloaded to your smart phone. is another great website which posts lifestyle and technology tips. The tips vary from the quickest way to fold a shirt to how to change your iPhone screen. The content is constant changing as people add more material to the site, and you can sign up and leave your own comments and tips.

Happy Browsing Caroline The ‘PuterTutor