As I am writing this piece the Windows 10 October update has been release and then withdrawn!  The update had only been out for a couple days when it was discovered, in a small number of cases, it deleted all the users’ personal files without warning!! Microsoft are still fixing this problem ready to release it again.

Despite this stumble, the update brings some exciting new features, not least 157 new emojis including the introduction finally of redhead people! There will also be an app to allow you to easily access photos and texts stored on your android phone. You will now be able to move seamlessly from surfing on your phone to surfing on your computer. Sadly, my favourite Snipping tool is being phased out, being replaced with a new app called Snip & Sketch.

Microsoft has also promised to improve the updating procedure, so your machine should no longer slow to grind while doing updates.

Due to the delay I haven’t heard any feedback about this update apart from the press release from Microsoft.  But judging by previous big updates it seems to be pot luck as to whether the update goes through smoothly or not. If you have noticed your machine has been running slowly for a while it could be the update is preparing in the background. Some good advice is to leave the machine on for a good few hours without using it. This allows Windows to do some behind the scenes housekeeping.

If you want peace of mind you can schedule your computer in with me for the update to be done manually. The update can work best if done as a clean installation rather than as an update. I always back up your data as a precaution, so your files are protected whatever the case. I always liken auto-updates to putting fresh wallpaper over unprepared walls. It doesn’t take long for the cracks and lumps to reappear, so preparation is key!

Finally, I am often asked “is necessary to do all these updates?” The answer is yes! Old versions of Windows 10 are only supported for a maximum of 2 years and the new versions carry critical security updates, which are very important even if you don’t bank online.


Happy ‘Putering

Caroline The ‘PuterTutor.