On the 8th April 2014 Microsoft are going to close the door on Windows XP.  This means that Windows XP users will no longer receive new security updates, hotfixes, free or paid technical help. In simple terms this means that any new vulnerabilities (problems) discovered in Windows XP will not be addressed by new security updates from Microsoft.

At the ripe old age of twelve, Windows XP is a mature operating system, but it is no longer future proof, and some of my customers have discovered issues trying to access certain websites and computer programs.

So, should you rush out and buy a new computer with Windows 7 or 8 on it on the 8th April 2014? As a home user, you certainly don’t need to rush, as your computer will still work after this date but you need to be aware of the potential risk you are taking using your computer online for shopping, banking etc. You will be at an even higher risk if you allow your children to play games online, download illegal music and videos as this is where a lot of “nasties” come from.  If a hacker finds a way in through Windows XP to exploit your personal details, Microsoft won’t be attempting to plug that problem hole. Furthermore, it’s quite possible that there are individuals holding back “exploits” they have already found so they can unleash them after Microsoft has stopped producing updates – effectively ensuring these yet-to-be-exploited vulnerabilities never become fixed.

If you run a business it is more important that you consider upgrading your PCs before this date if you haven’t already. If you have discovered that some of your programs won’t work on Windows 7 or 8 then a simple solution is to run a Windows XP computer separate to your office network and keep it off the internet.

Windows XP was a great operating system in its time and provided value to a large number of people and organizations around the world for over a decade.  But all good things must come to an end. 

I hope this information reinforces the importance of migrating to a modern operating system and if you require any assistance in the switch over then get in touch via www.putertutor.co.uk or telephone 01675 470105.


Happy ‘Putering

Caroline The ‘PuterTutor