Until recently The ‘PuterTutor answer to this was no! Online magazines come in a variety of formats covering as broad if not broader range than your newsagent. You can pay for an online magazine in the same way as at the shop but there are free ones out there which you can find with a Google search. In fact many standard magazines now offer an online version for your tablet pc (e.g. iPad) or Ebook reader (e.g. Kindle). But to get you started here are a couple free examples for you to browse. To view the magazines you may need to have a PDF reader installed on your PC. The most common one is called Adobe reader and can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com. It is important to make sure you have the latest version on adobe reader on your computer.

Guru Magazine  can take a few minutes to download but it is worth the wait with it alternative mix of science, lifestyle and interviews.

Highly recommended is the BBC Magazine, which you can find on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine. It has a variety of interesting articles on current affairs and links to interesting videos and information on the internet. This magazine takes the format of a normal internet page rather than a separate download.

http://gb.zinio.com is an online magazine hosting website. So from here you can find online versions of your favourite magazines from Gardeners World to Hello and OK! Prices vary but many are a bit cheaper than the shop bought versions. With the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and not taking up space in your home!

And finally…

A time waster: http://bit.ly/or0QHh This is an online spelling bee that I can across. Test your spelling ability as words are read out loud and you have to type in the spelling. With different difficulty levels it can be challenging, and addictive! Let me know your scores by email caroline@putertutor.co.uk


Happy computing