Its June already and many of us are now preparing for our summer holidays whether in the UK or abroad. There are so many ways you can use IT (Information Technology) to help you through the different stages of your holiday, from planning through to lazing by the pool.

Many of you know you can find great last minutes deals using websites such as and as well as the usual High Street travel agents. But before you book check out reviews on As well helpful comments, travellers can add their own photos which often show the true reality of rooms and beaches that the brochures manage to airbrush out.


Once you have everything booked there is a fabulous free app/website called TripIt (available for most smartphones). This app saves you printing out all your confirmations. The app collates all your emails in one place for quick access whilst you are on the move. Some airlines are now using apps so you don’t have to print out your boarding pass, you can just show your phone. Just search for the airline you are flying with in the App or Play Store on your phone.


Once away you can read books on your Tablet or Kindle. E-books are often cheaper than their printed counterparts and signing up is so easy if you already have an amazon account. You could even treat yourself to a free 30 day trial of Audible (audio books) and listen to books via your smartphone or tablet as you lie beside the pool. Just cancel the subscription when you return, or keep it, it is great value if you read a lot. Use this address to start your trial


Where ever you are in the world you will most likely be able to get on the internet either via your phone or hotel Wi-Fi. However, use your mobile phone data with caution. Check with your provider as some companies can charge a lot more for accessing data overseas and some travellers have had huge unexpected bills. To be safe turn off the Mobile Data settings on your phone via the Settings app, or purchase an “International Data Bundle” before you go.

Happy Holiday ‘Putering