September rolls around and a new cohort of 11 year olds head off to the local secondary schools (mine included). Having escorted them to and from primary school every day for the last 7 years suddenly they are taking the bus or walking and you are feeling a little concerned as you “let go of the reins”. On top of this you have decided to get them a smartphone ready for “Big” school, and you are worried they are going to lose it. Does any of this sound familiar?

One way to ease you worries is to install a tracking app. This will give you peace of mind that they are where they are supposed to be. In the PuterTutor household we have tried a few but have settled on one called KidControl, which is available for Android and Apple. Visit or your App store to download for free.

Once installed KidControl allows you to set 2 zone (more in the premium version). One for school and one for home. When your child enters or leaves that zone you get a notification to your phone. At any time you can see a pin on a map showing you where your child is. It is fairly accurate and offers great peace of mind that they have got to school safely.  It is also light on data and battery usage.

Of course your child could delete the app, or turn their phone off, in which case you would only get the last known location. But we talked to our children about the safety aspects rather than it being a spying tool and they have agreed to its use.

Another useful idea is to use this app for older members of your family, especially those that have developed a tendency to wander (assuming they keep their phone with them).

Good luck to everyone starting their new schools!

Happy ‘Putering.


Caroline The ‘PuterTutor.

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