Following on from last time, this is probably the number one question asked when I am wearing my ‘PuterTutor hat. The short answer is YES you do need to! You get what you pay for! The most infected computers I see have free or expired anti-virus on them but anti-virus alone isn’t enough to protect you from the myriad of threats lurking on the internet today. Although Windows is getting more secure these threats are evolving. Threats now are more likely to be annoying pop up adverts, Ransomware (getting locked out of your computer or having access to your files and photos denied) and theft of personal information through being “phished”.

What is phishing? Being phished usually involves a fake email or request pretending to be from an official institution which tells you that you need to confirm your email address and password for a particular online account. You then get directed to a fake website, which is indistinguishable from the real thing. You innocently put in your email address and password and your information is then harvested by criminals. As computers become more protected criminals target the weakest link, the users (YOU!). TOP TIP – when in doubt, type in the usual website address rather than click on the link.

If you use the same password for different accounts then the bad guys could end up with access to many more of your valuable logons.

The best Internet Security software protects you from these dodgy websites when they are discovered and stop you even visiting them. Most of the free anti-virus software don’t offer this kind of protection, leaving you vulnerable if you don’t constantly have your wits about you!

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So as 2017 draws to a close let me wish all the Echo readers, and my lovely customers a very Merry Christmas and Safe New Year. And don’t forget to track Santa this Christmas Eve at