As I try to write this, the last article of the year I have two very excited girls telling me that is only a few weeks to Christmas. So keeping in the spirit of Yuletide here are some Christmas websites. – For the third year in a row, Santa Claus will be online with his during the entire holiday season. With just a few clicks, you can help Santa send a personal message to your loved ones – all the way from his Village at the North Pole!

My girls favourite is Norad. On Christmas Eve let your children visit Here you can track Santa and his sleigh by radar as he makes his deliveries across the world. If you download GoogleEarth you can watch his progress in 3D (

Norad Santa

Finally as a bit of fun visit This quirky website allows you to view photos of houses that have been lit up with outrageous numbers of Christmas lights – there may even be a few local ones on there. Or you can even upload photos of houses you have seen, (but please get the house holders permission before you post their picture online).


Merry Christmas to all the Gazette readers and ‘PuterTutor Customers – and a happy computing New Year!