A recent survey showed that 3 out of 5 people shout at their computers in frustration. This frustration often is a result of slowness and freezing screens. After you have had your computer for a few years have you noticed how much slower it is? Slow to boot up when you press the power button and sluggish when you click to start programs. Frustrating isn’t it? Do you even feel like the man in my video below?

Sometimes it can be old hardware that is causing problems but more often there are a few common software based culprits that cause a lot of slowdown issues. Here is a short list of a few of them:


  1. Viruses and Malware: These can sit in the background undetected if your Security software is out of date or turned off. From there they can be spying on what you are doing on the computer. They can also turn your computer into a slave or BotNet which uses your computer power for someone else and this can slow your computer to a crawl.
  2. Junk-ware: If you have pop ups that flash and beep to tell you your computer is running slow or that there are registry errors on your PC then you more and likely have some junk programs slowing things down. Common examples of these are AV Security Suite, ByteFence, and Registry Optimizer to name but a few.
  3. Temporary files: Fragments of old programs, cookies, auto-restore files and internet images all clog up the computer disk. The more junk, the slower your PC gets.
  4. Start-up programs. Not all of these are essential, some are convenient but others are wasting your computers resources. A great example is iTunes Helper which makes connecting your iPhone to your PC faster. This sits in the background using resources but unless you frequently plug your iPhone into the computer it is wasting resources and impacting on your computer’s speed.


Just like your car, computers and tablets benefit from regular maintenance. I offer a Tune-Up service to bring your computer or tablet back up to speed and extend its life. Give me a call on 01675 470105 or contact me here to book in a Tune Up.


Happy ‘Putering