Have you ever wondered what the messages mean when you cannot get to a web page to load? Can you tell the difference between a scam and a real message? Sometimes you see a cryptic HTTP message that doesn’t really help tell you what the problem is. I have decoded some of the more common error messages and offer suggestions on how to solve them:

HTTP Error 404:

help with computer error messages in Sutton Coldfield

The web page cannot be found. First, check your spelling, a simple typo can produce this error. If the address is correct then this is often the result of a web page being deleted or moved by the website owner. But sometimes it can be temporarily unavailable due to server issues or high traffic. Solution: Try again later, or go to the websites main page and look for a new link to the page you’re after.

Error 401 Unauthorised:

This happens when you try to visit a site that is restricted and you aren’t authorised to see. For example, this error message can appear if you try to log in to a website with the wrong credentials.

503 Service Unavailable:

This means that the server is overloaded or under maintenance. This error implies that the service should become available at some point so try again later. You sometimes get this message if you are trying to access a website just mentioned on TV.

Scam messages:

Pretty much any message that flashes WARNING at you or plays alarm sounds like “Warning your computer is infected, you have 24 hours to call this helpline number” is a scam. Shut down your computer and start again.

If the message persists call me on 01675 470105 to sort it out for you. Here is an example below:

help with computer scam in sutton coldfield

Of course, quality, updated internet security will stop many of these scam sites loading on your computer or tablet, but some still slip through that safety net, so always keep your wits about you. Did you know ‘PuterTutor offers one of the best Internet security products on the market, and for the price of a cup of coffee a month you could receive this peace of mind service.
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