How to set up a Free Gmail Account

Gmail is a free email service offered by Google. A Gmail email address is part of having a Google Account which gives you access to a whole load of other services and products offered by Google. You can see a comprehensive list of their services by clicking here. A Google Account is also a perquisite for using an Android smartphone.

You will need to share some basic information with Google like your name and date of birth, but there is no law to say you have to use your real information, as long as you make a note of the information you used somewhere safe.

You can follow the steps below to create a Gmail email address. Click on each picture to zoom in.

1 Open a webpage and go to

2 In the top right corner click on Gmail


3 A similar page to the one below will be displayed. You need to click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.

Gmail Account Set up

4 Fill in the requested details in the boxes. If you choose an email address that has already been take a red message will appear telling you to try a different one.

5 I have filled in an example below using fake information. If you add a telephone number you will be invited to set up some recovery options. This is a good idea because if you forget your password or someone tries to hack your account you can get a text message to sort the problem out.

Fill in accounts details

6 Click on the Next Step Button and review the Privacy and Terms. You need to read down through them all before the I AGREE button is displayed.

google terms

7 Congratulations you now have a free email address to share with your friends and contacts.

set up new gmail

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