According to local press In Austria this past week, a girl is suing her parents for refusing to take down what she considered to be embarrassing pictures of her on Facebook, dating back to when she was 11 years old. She says her parents have shared photos of her with their 700 Facebook friends and despite repeatedly asking them to remove the offending photos, they refused. The girl’s father says he had the right to post them because he took them. If this case is successful it will set a precedent in Austria and match plans in France and Germany to halt parents sharing photos of their children online.

Online safety site, The Parent Zone, conducted a survey which showed the average parent uploads nearly 1000 photos of their child on social media by the time he or she is 5 years old!  Combine this with a study that found 17% of parents never check their Facebook Privacy settings, should we be more concerned about our children’s privacy? (read the original article here)

So what are the dangers of sharing photos on Facebook? Unfortunately there are quite varied dangers, from cases of photo-napping (paedophiles taking copies of children photos for their own use), through to cyberbullies teasing or tormenting schoolmates about embarrassing images. Also shared photos can lead to legal issues if children have been photographed when then should be in school/work etc.

In France the penalties for sharing photos or intimate details of the private lives of others (including children) can result in up to a year in prison and a fine of €45,000.

Is this a storm in a tea cup, over a cheeky faced photo of your new baby? Perhaps, but at the end of the day everyone deserves to have their privacy respected no matter how old they are. Don’t forget when you upload a photo publically online anyone, anywhere can take a copy and you can never get that copy back or control what they do with it (without legal measures).

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