I recently read an article in a PC magazine about how we become creatures of habit and tend to visit the same websites all the time.  So this month I thought I would introduce you to some different sites.

The first is www.flightradar24.com This site shows you all the aeroplanes in the sky at this moment in time
(real-time) over a Google Maps. It also gives you the flight numbers. So if you know someone going on a long haul flight you can track their progress. Or if you are like me and live under the flight path you can find out where that
plane is going to.


www.5mins.com is a website containing hundreds of “how to” videos on any topic; from how to balloon model to how to make cocktails. Some videos are preceded by an advert which is a little annoying, but if you are looking for inspiration for bored children, it is a good place to start looking.


www.toptenz.net lists the top ten of everything, but with a humorous twist. For example the top
ten banned books. Although many references are American it is still an interesting read.


If you come across any good websites that you think are worth a mention then email them to caroline@putertutor.co.uk