Last week I had an emergency phone call from my sister. My niece, halfway through her second year at medical school had spilt coffee over her laptop. Crucially she hadn’t backed up any of her university work. Fortunately her laptop survived the shower and her data was intact, but it highlights the importance of backing up your important files and photos.

There are two main ways of backing up (making a spare copy) of your files. The first involves plugging in a separate storage device, for example a flash drive or an external hard drive. You can then use special back up software or just copy your files over from your documents. The downsides of this method are you are not protected in the event of burglary or fire/flood damage; DVDs and CDs degrade over time especially if there are left in the sunshine. You may find in 10 years’ time you go to retrieve some files off a DVD and your machine can not read the disk and you have to remember to plug in the device periodically.

The second method is to use the Internet. This means storing your files securely in “The Cloud”. There are lots of companies offering this service and many of them offer you a limited amount of space for free e.g. Google Drive. I use one called Carbonite which is great because it allows unlimited storage and automatically backs every file and photo up and checks for changes. The upside of this is that it can be all automated so you don’t have to worry about remembering.

Whichever solution suits you act now rather than later, Carpe Diem!

If you require any assistance in setting up your backup I offer a service which will take care of all aspects of setting up your system. Call me on 01675 470105 for more information.

Happy ‘Putering