Computers are changing and improving all the time. I am learning new things every day. A while ago I learned you could play the addictive game Angry Birds through Google Chrome. However it wasn’t until I checked back on the APPS section on Google Chrome that I realised there is a whole new APP store there now with hundreds more games to play!

Apps are little programmes first found on smart phones and iPads. There are App games like Angry Birds, Words with Friends (like Scrabble), useful Apps like imperial to metric converters and calendars and shopping Apps, like Groupon and Amazon.

Apps are no longer limited to phones and tablets; you can enjoy them on your PC. To do this you need to install Google Chrome. This is an alternative program for accessing the internet (instead of Internet Explorer). You can download it from a link on

Once installed click on the little plus to open a new tab at the top of the Chrome window. Then at the bottom it should say Apps. Click on this and then on Chrome web store.  From here you can browse a variety of games and tools. Some are free others incur a small charge. To install the apps you will need to sign up unless you already have a Gmail account (these are free).

The help section is quite explanatory if you get stuck. But a word of warning this is a terrible time waster. On the upside it will keep the children entertained and distracted from the excitement of Christmas.

Finally don’t forget to track Santa on from the first of December onwards.